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ZIIO Jewellery

Art Design

The design is the result of an accurate research and technique.    

Ziio is offering an ART PIECE, each piece is unique as every women who wears it.

Ziio handmade jewellery

Silver - Semiprecious stones

Elisabeth Paradon Ziio Designer:

Elisabeth Paradon, the creator of the extraordinary Ziio jewellery, began designing in the early eighties. Her creations in silver, gold and semi-precious stones, entirely hand worked, utilise an exclusive technique, developed through the experience acquired during many years travelling and working in different lands. The dramatic and magnificent landscape of Egypt with its mystical tones was where Elisabeth first found the ideal conditions to express herself and produce her jewellery. A far cry from France her native country and the traditional art of the goldsmith.

Animated by her surroundings and by a constant thirst for knowledge, Elisabeth travelled further – the Greek Islands and Thailand - where she learnt different production methods, and experimented with different materials and techniques. In Venice, Elisabeth learnt the ancient art of the Murano master glassmaker and her designs aroused the interest of collectors and trend “temples” over the world. In Milan and Paris, Elisabeth collaborated with important Houses like Lacroix, Missoni and Studio Mendini for Swatch. 

In 1994, Elisabeth Paradon started to present two collections a year. She perfected her technique and created designs of superb quality and style. 

Her combination of semi precious stones, silver and Murano glass beads with her sophisticated hand workmanship has created a unique and fascinating style. Her designs are worn by royalty – Queen Rania of Jordan looked stunning in a Ziio necklace. 

Today, Elisabeth Paradon lives and works in Tuscany , and since 20 years Ziio is distributed in jewellery stores and selected boutiques worldwide.